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The transfer of children housed in La Maison requires a complex chain of humanity and specific skills. La Maison de Terre des hommes is one of the essential links, linked to the others that are important and involved.

Many of our medical partners check and treat the children for free or at a reduced rate.


Partners entrust children to La Maison. We are distinct foundations, financially and legally.

Partner foundations and associations such as Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque in Paris, Sentinelles in Prilly, Une chance, un cœur and La Fondation chirurgie pour l’enfance africaine in Lausanne entrust children to La Maison. The Maison welcomes children transferred to Switzerland by its partners to benefit from vital care in university hospitals.


Children undergo surgery  in university hospitals in Geneva and Lausanne.

When they arrive in Switzerland, they have their first check-up  at the infirmary of Geneva Airport. Then, they are admitted for a thorough medical examination (quarantine medical check-up), either in one of the university hospitals, in HEL (Children’s hospital in Lausanne) or in the hospital Riviera-Chablais (HRC) in Rennaz. La Maison also provides treatment for special cases at the Clinique Cecil, the Clinique Bois-Cerf and the Hôpital ophtalmique Jules-Gonin, all three in Lausanne

Transportation and support

All the transportation between the airport, the hospitals, and La Maison are made possible by more than 195 voluntary drivers.

During the flights, they are accompanied by volunteers from Aviation without Borders.

In case of emergencies at La Maison, OCVS (Organisation Cantonale Valaisanne des Secours, a local organization for help in emergencies), Ambulances Clerc SA, Air-Glaciers, and Rega arrive a few minutes after the call.

Godmothers” visit and keep company to children in the hospital.

Support and skills

Our annual activity report

Together, we save children's lives

La Maison is not subsidised and needs 4,2 million Swiss Francs every year to save more than 200 children. Without public donations, it is impossible to pursue the mission.

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