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Volunteering for La Maison de Terre des hommes means helping more than 200 children a year on their way to recovery every year. Our volunteers work all year round in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. If you want to experience the feeling of doing something useful and bringing a positive change to society, whilst building new relationships, feel free to contact us.

Words of volunteers

« Knowing that what I do will help a child to feel better and that my presence will make that child smile, like a light in the darkness of the illness, makes me happy to work as a volunteer. »

- Françoise, volunteer from the Martigny section

« Giving a bit of one’s time to others gives some kind of balance and meaning to one’s day. A little innocent smile in Massongex brightens my day with happiness and love. »

- Agnès, driver

« It is always a pleasure to come work at La Maison, especially for the valid cause behind it. Helping children has always made me happy. It’s a true solidarity work. »

- Michel, previous President of the Foundation Terre des hommes Valais and volunteer « lawns mowing in La Maison »

Volunteering activities

Help during events organised by La Maison de Terre des hommes

All year long, La Maison organises fundraising events. They are also an opportunity to showcase children’s right to access medical care.

Volunteer by our side for an evening or a day!

Duration: a few hours during the day or evening

Frequency: based on the events calendar


Help with activities in La Maison

You would like to make yourself useful and can spare a few hours every month? A group of volunteers takes part in activities linked to La Maison such as lawn cutting and sorting out clothing and toys donated.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Frequency: monthly


Represent La Maison at the Foire du Valais

Become a representative of La Maison at the Foire du Valais. Sell tombola tickets and share information with visitors on our actions on the stand of the foundation in the heart of the fair.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Frequency: annually


Drive children during their recovery in Massongex

You have a car and are available a few hours every week or month?

Become an important link in the volunteering chain by accompanying and driving a child or a small group of children to medical appointments or surgeries with your own vehicle and at your own costs.

The destination: a hospital, medical cabinet, dental or ophthalmic, and at the end of their stay; Geneva airport.

Thus, many trips, 3-5 every day, are necessary to take the 200 children welcomed every year to their medical appointments in Geneva, Lausanne or in the canton of Valais and region of Chablais.


Duration: depending on the destination

Frequency: based on your availability (weekly or monthly)


Translate content for La Maison

You are fluent in German and/or English and would like to support for La Maison? We are always looking for volunteers to help us translate content for our website and publications.


Join one of the active volunteer groups in Valais

Become an ambassador for La Maison to the public in Valais!

Volunteers are organised in work groups and regional sections across the whole canton of Valais. Staff members of La Maison de Terre des hommes support and oversee the groups.

Together, we save children's lives

La Maison is not subsidised and needs 4,2 million Swiss Francs every year to save more than 200 children. Without public donations, it is impossible to pursue the mission.

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