La Maison - Maison de Terre des hommes - Welcoming children in need

La Maison

180 to 200 new children in need of medical treatment, unavailable in their own countries, come every year to La Maison. Most of them come from Africa, from 15 to 20 different countries. They are between 2 and 15 years old. They arrive sick and anxious, but they leave healed and confident. It is a temporary stay, just the amount of time needed for a heart to be put right again, or for a severe malformation to be corrected. The time to learn how to smile again at the future.

In Massongex, we can host 40 to 50 children at time. They come from Africa and suffer from various diseases, malformations or other physical afflictions. Partner organizations organize their transfer to Switzerland where they get the medical treatment they need. They spend a few months with us, before and after their surgeries. The length of their stay depends on their medical problem. We are more than a home for them, we are a large family, despite the daily arrivals and departures, the many nationalities and the diversity of languages. Our expenses reach close to 4,2 million CHF, without any grant. We rely on donations and on income from various events.
Even though these children have come to Switzerland primarily for treatment and their health is our main focus, medical care at “La Maison” may only take a short time each day. Our nursing and educational sectors pay attention to the children’s behaviour, attitude and progress.
To keep the children busy, their time is well planned : breakfast, lunch, dinner. In the morning the youngest go to kindergarten, the others have school activities with various levels to meet each child’s needs. In the afternoon, there is kindergarten again as well as creative workshops with textiles, paper, cardboard and pottery for the older ones. Frequent games, weekend strolls outside and resting times are also organised.
Together, we save children's lives

La Maison is not subsidised and needs 4,2 million Swiss Francs every year to save more than 200 children. Without public donations, it is impossible to pursue the mission.

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