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Fernando: brave every step of the way 11.12.2019
Fernando is only a year and a half old when he drinks, by accident, a toxic product burning his oesophagus.
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120 years of volunteering between the three of them 16.10.2019
We shed light on men who came across the children of Terre des hommes and became linked to them forever. Today, they continue to mark by their presence, year after year, La Maison of Terre des hommes.
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Welcoming the little ones: caring professionals 01.12.2018
Being professional yet fostering human values. Those are the skills of the professionals doing a quality work over the years with the youngest residents in La Maison.
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A journalist from The Nouvelliste immersed in Senegal 01.09.2018
A journalist, from the newspaper Le Nouvelliste, followed for three months Abdoulaye, a young Senegalese with a heart disease operated in Switzerland. The 11 year-old boy had to leave his family behind to be healed. Terre des hommes organised his care.
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