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Our actions

Olivier Cave and his musician friends perform the Choral Fantasy by Beethoven at the Gianadda Fondation 23 Avril 2020
Join us on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 at the Pierre Gianadda Foundation in Matigny for an exceptional concert.
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"Allegria" concert at the Alambic theatre 1 Février 2020
Join us on Saturday 1st of February 2020 for an exceptional concert by “Allegria”.
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Massongex Bingo 2 Février 2020
The municipality of Massongex Valais organises its traditional bingo to support La Maison de Terre des hommes in the multi-purpose hall at 3 p.m. on Sunday 2 February 2020.
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Oranges to save lives 5 Mars to 7 Mars 2020
The sale of oranges organised by Terre des hommes takes place every year in March in many Swiss cantons.
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