The Mission

"Having determinedly sought out the child, Terre des hommes will come to her/his aid in a way which responds most closely to her/his distress. In the child’s country, if circumstances permit, or elsewhere, if not."

An Extract from The Charter

Each year, hundreds of thousands of children benefit, in their country, from the support of TdH. In the field of care, certain illnesses and malformations need advanced technologies which are not found in their own country. The solutions must therefore be found in the neighbouring countries, or, more often, in Europe. The reply to this need gave birth to the programme called "Specialised Care". This takes in charge the transfer of these condemned children at short term, due to a defective heart, a severe malformation or invalidating complications, towards Switzerland mainly, but also Spain and France.
Each year, there are 200 children transferred from North and West Africa, from East Africa and Middle East, from Eastern Europe for some. In total: 10 - 15 countries. The children transferred to Switzerland are operated in the university hospitals of Geneva, Lausanne and Bern. They stay at La Maison for the pre and post operative period. A stay of three months on average. It is there they are accommodated, cared for, loved, before returning to their country. La Maison, for so many children, is the important link, to this journey of life!

To find out more about the vision and action of TdH within the programm "Specialised Care": http:/
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