The "Journey towards life" of these children staying at La Maison" needs a humanity chain  and very complex competences. TdH Valais is one of the indispensable links, joined with other links engaged and indispensable.

Who are these links and what are their roles?

The foundation of TdH at Lausanne It is they who entrust these children to La Maison" TdH Valais. Two distinct foundations, but one same and unique family. Note that Sentinelles equally entrust children each year to La Maison" These two organisations assure the follow up of each child, from the time he is identified in his own country, during his time in Switzerland, and after his return. The services’ of "Specialised Care" of TdH Lausanne and Sentinelles work in close and permanent collaboration with the personnel of La Maison"

The children are operated in the university hospitals of Bern, Geneva and Lausanne. Also in the Ophthalmic University hospital Jules-Gonin.

On their arrival in Switzerland, they are seen for a first check up at the medical center at Geneva Airport. They are then admitted to one of the university hospitals, or l'HEL Lausanne, Hospital of Nyon, Aigle or Monthey for a more thorough examination.

During the transfer by plane, they are accompanied by volunteers from Aviation Sans Frontières

All the transfers from the airport, hospitals, and La Maison" are assured by more than 100 voluntary escorts.

In the event of an emergency at La Maison", l'OCUS, (Organisation Cantonale Valais des Secours) Ambulance Clerc SA, Air Glaciers and the Rega intervene within minutes that follow the call.

The "Marraines" (Godmothers) visit and accompany the children who are hospitalised.

L'ICHV, I'institut Centrale de Sion graciously assure the medical analysis requested by "La Maison" and regularly give precious advice.

The doctor Denis Chevalley of Orsieres, assumes the role of referring doctor of La Maison". He consults there each week. He equally receives  children at his surgery if necessary. In his absence, his colleague, Dr Gilbert Darbellay, assumes this role.

A number of partners give discounts or free services for their work, or material. In particular, the very strong collaboration with the Pharmacy de la Gare of St Maurice, who generously support the mission of La Maison"

In the chain, each link is indispensable. It must be solid and complimentary of the others. Without this chain of humanity, there would be no "Journey towards life"

21 Sep

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