The Foundation

In Switzerland, the Terre des hommes Valais foundation  (TdH VS) works in close partnership with the foundation of Terre des hommes Lausanne. It's mission is to welcome children on pre and post operation, transferred to Switzerland by the foundation of Lausanne, within its programme "Specialised Care".

The children are taken in hand at "La Maison", a medicalised children's home situated on a hill above Massongex, in Bas-Valais. This institution opened in 1970. The association Terre des hommes Valais ( to day, a foundation) was created on 21st October 1963. The first seven years, the children were welcomed into families in the region. At the end of the sixties, the founders decided to take an additional step by passing from the system of "Foster homes" to an institution.

TdH VS manages  "La Maison" in an independent manner and must assume totally its financing, where upon relies the donations.

The Council of the Foundation

- Michel Mottiez, president (also a member of the Foundation Council of TdH in Lausanne)
- Jean-Charles Bonvin, vice-president and secretary
- Christine Brostaux, (also a member of the Foundation Council of TdH in Lausanne)
- Dr Denis Chevalley, referring doctor
- Robert Clerc
- Amanda Cotter
- Armand Favre
- Fabien Métrailler
- André Morand

Route de Chambovey 3
1869 Massongex / Valais / Switzerland

Philippe Gex

Secretary / Voluntary escorts, care
Tel: +41(24) 471 35 71  // +41(24) 472 20 43

Tel: +41(24) 471 26 84 // Fax +41(24) 472 20 43

Fund Raising and Communication
Grégory Rausis
Tel: +41(24) 471 73 80 // Fax +41(24) 472 20 43

Caroline Ingignoli
Tel +41(24) 471 75 90 // Fax +41(24) 472 20 43

Activities Report 2014 (Fr)

Organisation of La Maison




21 Sep

Marathon de spinning en faveur de La Maison